Ben Building: Mussolini, Monuments and Modernism

Jonathan Meades travels to Rome, Milan, Genoa and the new town of Sabaudia as he turns his attention to the notorious 20th century European dictator, Mussolini. He examines the variety of styles of buildings of the fascist era that still shape architecture today, and considers the nature of fascism, the influence of The Futurists and Mussolini’s love of a uniform.

This project involved a number of graphics sequence, green screen montages, the creation of an art gallery, a jigsaw, toy soldiers and other oddities!

Jigsaw 1

Antonio Sant'Elia Poster 1 Mario Chiatonni poster 1 Chrissy Teigen black dress at Oscars 2014 after party Armando Brasini poster 1 Benbuilding Film Poster